Hello.  My name is Sonya Addington.  I am the owner/fiberista of City Stitch Yarn Shop in Boonville, Indiana.  Boonville is the county seat of a large county, Warrick County.  My shop is located just off of the city square.  The table is always open to fiberistas who want to stop by, bring their knitting, crochet or spinning wheels.  You will meet like-minded ladies who enjoy creating as much as you.  City Stitch was opened October 4, 2014.  My customers are enjoyable and talented.  More and more join us each week.

When I was a teen my dad was a Navy man.  We lived in Venezuela, South America during my high school years.  Once on a trip to the mountains I remember there being a market with live animals, llamas, alpacas, goats…there were ladies and children spinning yarn with spindles.  There were many crafted items for sale llama rugs, hand woven hammocks, knitted hats, gloves, socks, and more.  Fortunately, I have that memory, because unfortunately I couldn’t have cared less about that scene in the least as far as taking advantage of that opportunity for learning myself.  Live and learn.

sonya face 2

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  1. Visited the shop yesterday with my mom, very inviting and comfortable. Sonya, the owner, answered all my questions. I’m looking forward to taking classes.

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