KAL- Week 2


Did you finish week 1? Great, week 2 is here!

We are doing more stripes again but this time we will be making them a little bigger and then adding eyelets. Also, after the first set of instructions we will stop increasing on the wrong side. If your count is different, no worries, you can fudge the numbers a little bit or add or subtract in a wrong side row to get back to where your supposed to be. Those who are in the class today I will show you exactly how to do this so you don’t have to rip back.

Continue row 2 and 3 from last week except change the stripes to a 4 row repeat. Repeat for 6 stripes.

Purl one row*

Row 1- change to color A-at the end of this row you should have 201 Sts 100 on each side plus the middle stitch.

K2, yo, knit to marker, M1R, sm, k1, sm, M1L, knit to 2, yo, k2

Row 2– Purl all stitches

Row 3- k2, yo, (k17, k2tog, yo) repeat 5X k3, M1R, sm, k1, sm M1L, k3 (yo, k2tog, k17) repeat 5 X, yo, k2

Row 4 repeat row 2

Row 5 repeat row 1

Row 6 repeat row 2

Row 7-change to color B- repeat row 1

Row 8-213 sts total-repeat row 2

Row 9- k2, yo, k8, k2tog, yo, (k18, k2tog, yo) repeat 4x, k16, M1R, sm, k1, sm, M1L, k16, yo, k2tog, (k18, yo, k2tog) repeat 4x, yo, k2tog, k8, yo, k2

Row 10 repeat row 2
Row 11 repeat row 1
Row 12 repeat row 2


For instructions for the next week click here- KAL Week 3


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