KAL 1st week directions

Kal shawl 2


Ok guys here is your first set of directions for the kit you can purchase at City Stitch Yarn Shop.

The kit has three different colors, you may choose any the be A, B, and C.


M1R- lift strand from the back and knit into the front.
M1L-lift strand from the front and knit into the back
pm-place marker
YO-Yarn over

With size 9 needles and color A cast on 5 stitches

Setup row- knit 2 M1R, pm, knit 1, pm, M1L, knit 2

Row 1-purl 2, yo, purl to 2 stitches, yo, purl 2

Row 2- knit 2, yo, knit to marker, M1R, slip marker, knit 1, slip marker, M1L, knit to 2 stitches, yo, knit 2

Change to color B

Repeat row 1 and 2

Change to color A

Repeat for 20 stripes total

For instructions for the next week click below-

Week 2


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